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Entry #2

A postpone

2008-08-10 21:53:02 by D3m0n1c707

My current project, Fable: newgrounds edition, has been postponed until i can find what it is i need or figure a way to scripted the complicated series of actions. if you can help Please i beg of you contact me a, or private message me.

Until then i have been working on a new project known only to this point as "Project X" this project will be a series animation of a young real-life boy that is encountered by an unknown substance that a earthbound space rock unleashes upon earth. This substance changes the life of the young street boy as it gives him powers, and changes him to an animation, after his life is changed for ever he starts seeing the world as a new, different, almost unknown place. He soon realizes he can make a difference and so he set out to better the world, but the world is and evil place and begins to warp him. Then when the boy biggest foe is at hand he is unable to do anything!

I hope you a anticipating this series because it will be good!

A postpone


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